Revolutionary Drink Coasters and Wine Glass charms all in one!

Coasterica Silicone Coasters
Coasterica Beverage Coasters

Drink Coasters

Protect precious surfaces

These unique beverage coasters slip onto your stemware to protect precious surfaces wherever your guests roam.

Patent Pending design allows these Silicone Coasters to grip the bottom of your glass to catch drips and spills.

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Beverage Coasters

Fun and Funky

Simply slip Coasterica Coasters on before your guests arrive and avoid the embarrassment of asking them to use a coaster.

These drink coasters travel with your glass from kitchen to living room or patio and beyond.

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Are you embarrassed reminding your guests to use a drink coaster as they travel from room to room?

Want to easily identify your glass?

Coasterica silicone beverage coasters are the solution!

Coasters and wine glass charms, all in one.

  • An inside job: Glassware fits inside these unique beverage Coasters.

  • One Size fits all: These durable, flexible drink coasters stretch to fit most stemware. They slip on and stay on.

  • Protect precious surfaces: Patent Pending Coaster design catches and holds drips.

  • Add stability with non-slip base. Ideal for unstable surfaces in boats, trains, planes and motor homes;

  • Hygienic, stain resistant, silicone wine glass coasters can be used again and again. Dishwasher safe.

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We are certain you will find these durable, long lasting beverage coasters to be the perfect gift.

Coasterica™ is a brand of Joster International Inc.